Twistees have now officially launched in India

The culinary world is often filled with delightful surprises, and this time it brings us a taste of Malta to the vibrant streets of India. The popular Maltese snacks, Twistees , have made their way to Indian shores, re named as Vicheez, introducing locals to a unique and savory snacking experience. Let’s explore the story behind these flavorful treats and the joy they bring to snack lovers in India.

Originating from our small  Mediterranean island of Malta, Twistees  have gained a loyal following among locals and visitors alike and have become iconic symbols of Maltese snacking culture.

Recognizing the growing global demand for diverse and exotic snacks, entrepreneurs decided to introduce Twistees  to the Indian market. Inspired by the flavors and textures that have captured the hearts of Maltese snack enthusiasts, they sought to provide Indian consumers with a unique taste experience.

The Snack Culture Experience

The arrival of Twistees,Vicheez, in India has not only brought a new snacking option but has also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange. Snacking is deeply rooted in the social fabric of both Malta and India, and these snacks serve as a bridge between the two cultures, encouraging conversations and connections over a shared love for flavorful treats

The introduction of Twistees  has sparked excitement among Indian snack lovers. These snacks offer a departure from the familiar flavors and textures available in the local market, providing a new and distinct snacking experience. The unique combination of cheese flavors has quickly found a place in the hearts (and taste buds) of many Indian consumers.

Moreover, the availability of Twistees has allowed Indian consumers to explore the culinary diversity of the world, breaking away from the usual snack offerings and embracing the flavors of Malta.

The introduction of Twistees  in India has brought a taste of Malta to Indian snack enthusiasts, offering a unique and flavorful experience. These snacks have quickly captured the attention of consumers, satisfying their cravings for new and exciting flavors. With their arrival, the snack culture in India has expanded, providing a platform for cultural exchange and showcasing the diverse and delicious offerings from around the world. So, if you’re in India, be sure to indulge in these savory delights and embark on a flavorful journey that spans continents.

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